Christopher Parks

Front && Back End Web Developer

The Designer

I'm Chris, a web designer/developer, with a passion for web that goes beyond making pretty things, I believe a great design is about how well it works, not just how it looks. I am always open to experience growth, learn and try new things.

I offer my skills to build awesome websites and apps in line with the ambitions of their owners.

The Coder

I love Sublime Text

Along with some design skills, I've stuffed my toolbox with a number of scary stuff(not really) such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Less and PHP.

The Hard Worker


BSc in Computing - Software Systems emphasis.
Minor in Business Admin. from The University of the Southern Caribbean.


Web Designer && Developer.
Sublime Text promoter who is always open to experience growth, learn and try new things.

About my site

Simplicity, Consistency and Functionality.
Site built to display my desire to deliver an experience using those 3 words.

The Craftsman

Design Theory

I design and build responsive websites that fulfill everyone’s needs and wants, beautiful, functional and easy to use interfaces.


I develop solutions that are fully capable of running on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Craft with love